Trend report additions – MFE/MAE

We’ve added some additional statistics to the new trend reports that were launched a couple of weeks ago. Specifically:

  • Position MFE, Position MAE – the max favorable/adverse excursion of a trade’s total position value
  • Price MFE, Price MAE – the max favorable/adverse excursion of the instrument price during a trade, independent of position size

These new additions can surface some interesting trends in your trading. For example, here’s a 100-trade moving average of Position MAE:

trend_posmae 2

The blue line isn’t part of the chart – it’s just there to help illustrate that at this point, we changed our trading methodology such that trades were given a maximum of about $20 of room to move against us; another way to say this is we tightened our average stops to something less than $20.

Now let’s look at the Position MFE moving average chart:

trend_posmfe 2

We can now see that at the same time, it seems we no longer let our trades run in the positive direction. Whereas before this change, our stops were looser, but we also let trades run up about $25-60 before closing them; after the change, trades were usually cut after reaching a max P&L of $25.

Another tool in your chest to help evaluate your trading performance!

Trend reports now available

Often we want to analyze trading performance not just as a snapshot, but over time – to see if we are improving, see if a particular strategy is working better/worse, etc. And while we can look at a cumulative P&L to see part of this, that doesn’t always tell the whole story.

Tradervue has introduced new trend reports to help with this analysis. From the Reports View, click the Advanced tab, then go to the Trends group:


Once you do that, you’ll be able to look at running averages of your per-trade P&L and your win rate. So for example, here we are looking at a 50-day weighted moving average of win %:


From looking at this chart, we can see a pronounced downturn around 10/2010, and we can use this information to help us drill down and understand what’s actually happening.

The trend reports can display P&L (in either $ or R), and win percentage, charted in one of two ways:

  • n trade moving average – this shows a moving average over the last n trades; the x axis will be the index into the list of trades being shown, sorted by open date/time.
  • n day moving average – this shows a weighted moving average of the per-trade P&L over the last n days. This is not an average of the daily P&L, but rather an average of the per-trade P&L.

As with all of the other reports in Tradervue, you can narrow the trade data used for the chart by using the trade filter. So, for example, you could look at the win percentage over time for one particular strategy (using tags), or just one particular symbol, or anything else you’d like to filter on.

For additional information on the trend reports, refer to their help page. And if there are other statistics you’d like to be able to view on these charts, let us know!

These new reports are available today for all silver and gold subscribers.

Price MFE/MAE columns

We’ve added two more columns to the list of available columns in the Trades View:

  • Price MFE – the maximum favorable price movement during the trade, independent of position size
  • Price MAE - the maximum adverse price movement during the trade, independent of position size

Let us know if there are other columns you’d like to see in the Trades View!

Exporting reports data

A while back, we added the ability to download the data from the advanced reports. Now, we’ve expanded this with the ability to download daily transaction and P&L data from the Calendar reports.

At the bottom of the Calendar report, below the month calendars, you’ll see a new download link:


Set your settings the way you want them (Gross vs Net, $ vs Ticks vs R, aggregate vs average), and then click the Download link.  Your daily P&L data with the settings you chose will be downloaded to a CSV file, which you can open in Excel or elsewhere.

Report downloads and exports are available for all silver and gold subscribers.

Duration and side columns

With the new flexibility of being able to choose the columns you want to see in the Trades View, we’ve added even more. Two new columns available:

  • trade duration – this will look like 01:14:55 for intraday trades (that’s hours:minutes:seconds), or 4d for longer trades
  • side – this will be either Long or Short

If there are other columns you’d like to see in the Trades View, let us know!

New P&L (ticks) columns added

We’ve added two new columns to those available in the Trades View:

  • P&L (ticks) – gross P&L in ticks for futures trades
  • P&L (ticks per contract) – gross P&L per contract in ticks for futures trades

Both of these new columns will always show gross P&L, regardless of the P&L setting.  If you switch to net mode, their column titles will change to emphasize they are still gross.

We’ve also added totals and averages for the Commission and “Commission and Fees” columns, at the bottom of the Trades View.

New customizable columns

Ever since Tradervue was first released, folks have been sending us email asking for certain columns to be added to the Trades View. We couldn’t add all the columns people asked for, as there wouldn’t be enough room on the page for them all.

But starting today, you can choose which columns you’d like to see on your Trades View! Simply click the setup icon on the right side of the list, and choose “Customize columns…” from the menu:


When you select that, you’ll see the list of available columns, and you can choose which ones you want to add:


Clicking “Save changes” will save your new columns, or you can click “Reset to Defaults” to get back to the original columns.

The available columns are:

  • Open Date – the date the trade was opened
  • Open Time – the time of day the trade was opened
  • Closed Date – the date the trade was closed (closed trades only)
  • Symbol
  • Volume
  • Execution Count
  • P&L – the P&L for the trade shown in USD
  • P&L (R) – the P&L for the trade, shown in terms of R (risk); only shown for trades that have an initial risk specified
  • P&L (%) – the P&L for the trade in % (equity trades only at the moment)
  • Commission
  • Commission and Fees – the sum of commissions and fees
  • Initial Risk – the amount you entered as the risk in the trade
  • Position MFE – the maximum interim profit during the trade (runup)
  • Position MAE – the maximum interim loss during the trade (drawdown)
  • Shared
  • Notes
  • Tags

Some of these columns are only available for silver or gold subscribers.

As part of this change, we’ve also moved the links to change P&L gross/net display mode, and the download to Excel link, into the menu.

If there are more columns you’d like to see made available, let us know!

New journal comments

For folks using the mentor/coach features in Tradervue, we’ve always had the ability to leave private comments on trades, only visible to the trader and the mentor(s).

Now, we’ve added the ability to have comments on journal entries as well! When a mentor is viewing a trader’s journal entries, there is a new “Add comment” link (or, if there are already comments, a “View comments” link):


Clicking that link will open the journal entry in its own page, and show a comment editor:


And after entering a new comment, the journal entry’s page will display all of the comments for the entry:


These comments are, of course, only visible to the trader and the mentor(s). Notifications work similarly to trade comments – you’ll get an email if a new comment is left on one of your entries, or an entry you’ve previously commented on, and you can turn off notifications on a per-entry basis.

Importing images into Tradervue

We’ve always had the ability to embed images (your marked-up charts, etc.) into your trades and journal notes; however, in the past, you’ve had to upload those images to a third-party site, and then embed them into your trades. It could be a tricky process at times.

So to make that easier, we’ve added the ability to upload images directly to Tradervue, and embed them into your trades, all in one step. All you have to do it drag and drop your image into the notes editor! Here’s a short (0:47) video demonstrating how to do it:

This also solves a number of problems related to controlling access to your images. An image you upload to Tradervue will remain private and be accessible only to you. If you have mentors in Tradervue, they will be able to see the image as well, as you would expect. And if you choose to share a trade with an embedded image, that image will then be made accessible to everyone for as long as the trade is shared.

Uploading images is available today for all silver and gold subscribers.