New reports added

We have added four more charts to the reports section of the site; specifically:

  • Win/loss ratio
  • Win/loss P&L comparison (aggregate or average)
  • Trade expectation
  • Cumulative P&L

These reports are especially useful when you use them in conjunction with tag and/or date filters. For example, if you tag your breakout trades with “breakout”, then you can display these reports for just your breakout trades if you wish.

Seeing your average trade expectation or cumulative P&L for just a certain kind of setup can really help you see when a particular setup isn’t working well for you any more, and help you pinpoint the changes you might want to make.

If you’re already signed up for Tradervue, head over to the reports view to see the new analysis. And if you’re not signed up, well, maybe now is the time!