Big report changes

The reporting on Tradervue has just become dramatically more powerful. Starting today, there are now three different “types” of reports you can view:

General reports

These are the reports you know and love that we’ve had from the beginning. Just some minor cosmetic changes here.

Win vs Loss Days report

This new report is designed to help you analyze what’s different (besides the obvious) between your winning and losing trading days. For example, perhaps on your losing days you’re making a much larger number of trades during the noon hour.

Keep in mind you might certainly have some losing trades on your winning days. This report doesn’t group by winning/losing trades; rather, it separates your trades into winning and losing days, and shows all of the trades in each group.

As usual, you can filter the trades that are included in this report using the global filter bar at the top of the window, with the one exception that only intraday trades are included in this report, regardless of the filter setting.

Compare reports

This is the biggest new addition to the reporting, and the most exciting. The Compare reports are designed to show you the differences between any two groups of trades. Long vs short, last year vs this year, or support vs breakout trades.

You can choose one of the “quick reports” to get started, or you can just dive in and build your own report by filling in the group filter boxes and clicking “Generate” to build your report.

Here we are viewing long vs short trades:

Where this gets even more interesting is when you’ve used tags to categorize your trades. So one group could be “breakout” trades, and the other group could be “momentum” trades. Or whatever combination makes sense to you. Here we’re looking for breakout trades vs. long momentum trades:

The possibilities are endless…give these new reports a try, and see what you can learn about your trading!