New running P&L charts

We’ve added two more charts to Tradervue, which display your running intraday P&L.

On every trade detail page, where you used to see your selected price charts, there are now two tabs – “Price Action” and “Running P&L”:

The Price Action tab shows you the same price charts you saw before, on your chosen timeframes with your trade executions plotted.

Clicking on the “Running P&L” tab will show you the new P&L charts. The one on the left will be the intraday P&L for the current trade only:

This is displaying the sum of both realized and unrealized P&L, and is displayed with either 1-minute or 5-minute resolution depending on how long the trade lasts.

The chart on the right will show you running P&L for all intraday trades on that particular day:

The zone in yellow is the timeframe represented by the current trade, so you can see how the particular trade you’re looking at fits into the overall P&L picture for the day. This chart is always shown in 5-minute resolution.

At the current time, these charts will only display for intraday trades.

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