Redesigned Advanced Reports

Back in April, we introduced the Advanced Reports to Tradervue. At that time, there were just three, and we added another when we introduced liquidity reporting.

But today, I’m happy to announce that the Advanced Reports have been totally redesigned, and there are now literally hundreds of reports to choose from. Here’s an example of how they look now:

You can choose a “Quick report” from the drop-down at the top, or you can customize the reports by choosing exactly what to plot on each axis of the chart. You can also add a third dimension, where each trade data point is sized based on the trade P&L (either gross or net, depending on your report setting).

So for example, here’s a different report showing per-share P&L vs. entry price:

And another showing liquidity being added by day/time, also showing per-trade P&L as the size of the points:

We’ve reworked quite a bit about these reports; not only are they larger now, so you can better see your data, but they are all retina-display enabled. You can choose from the following data for the axes:

  • P&L
  • Per-share P&L
  • Per-share % P&L
  • Duration
  • Volume
  • Entry price
  • Trade open date/time
  • Day of week and time
  • % shares adding liquidity
  • % entry shares adding liquidity
  • % exit shares adding liquidity
  • Commission
  • Commission and fees

These changes are big, and give you views into your data that weren’t possible before. They are available today for all silver and gold subscribers, so go take a look! And if you’re not yet on the silver or gold plans, sign up today for a free trial!