New tag combination report

Back in April, we released the Tag Breakdown report, which allows you to see your performance broken out by tag. For those using tags (and you should be!), this is tremendously useful:

You can also filter by tags, including multiple tags at a time, to help narrow down the trades you’re reviewing or analyzing.

But what if you use tags for, say, trade entry criteria, and you use multiple tags for different criteria? For example, perhaps you have some trades tagged with the following:

trade 1: support, ema9
trade 2: support, ema20
trade 3: resistance, momentum
trade 4: resistance, breakout
trade 5: support, ema20

You can quickly build filters to narrow down your data, but what if you wanted to see which unique combinations of entry criteria were most effective? To address this, we have added a new way to look at your tags, by clicking on the “Tag Combinations” button on the reports Tag Breakdown tab. This shows you the unique combinations of tags you have used:

You can combine this Tag Combination report with tag (and other) filters, as you would expect.

This new tag combination report is available now for all Silver and Gold users. If you haven’t tried all of the reporting and analysis capabilities of the silver or gold plans, you can try them out with a free 7-day trial!

(Free trial available to users who have not been on a premium plan in the past; if you’re eligible, you will see a note to that effect on the Plans & Billing tab when you go to upgrade.)