New larger chart size

When you view the details for one of your trades, you see a set of price charts on multiple timeframes with your executions plotted on each chart. You can have up to 4 different charts on each trade, and each chart is about half the width of the screen:


We have added a new toggle to expand these charts to a larger size. Just above the charts, on the right side, you’ll see new buttons to select between small and large charts:


When you switch to the large charts, each chart will expand to the full width of the page, and will show twice as many bars. Compare this larger chart with the 5-min chart we saw above:


On the smaller 5-min chart, we can see that we were trading a break of the day’s high; on the larger chart, we can see that this was an important level on the prior day as well.

These new larger charts are available to all users, starting today!