Trade review from SMB Capital

They say an important part of growing as a trader is to get feedback from more experienced traders along the way. In hopes of furthering this goal, we’re going to try something new this week.

If you share a trade during the week of Sep 19-23, 2011, you can get a free trade review from Steve Spencer at SMB Capital! Get feedback on your trade, ask questions, whatever you would like.

Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Import your trades into Tradervue just as you normally would (you can sign up here if you’re not yet a Tradervue user).
  2. Add notes to the trade describing what you were thinking – the more detail you give, the better feedback you’ll get. Be sure to add the appropriate charts to the trade to illustrate what was happening.
  3. Tag your trade with smbreview
  4. Share your trade.

That’s it! Your trade will then show up on the SMB Trade Review page. Steve will look through the trades on that page, and review 5-10 of them on his Live from the Floor show on Monday, Sep 26 at 12:30pm eastern time.

If you have any questions or need help getting your trade ready, shoot us a note at and we’ll try to help.