Exporting reports data

A while back, we added the ability to download the data from the advanced reports. Now, we’ve expanded this with the ability to download daily transaction and P&L data from the Calendar reports.

At the bottom of the Calendar report, below the month calendars, you’ll see a new download link:


Set your settings the way you want them (Gross vs Net, $ vs Ticks vs R, aggregate vs average), and then click the Download link.  Your daily P&L data with the settings you chose will be downloaded to a CSV file, which you can open in Excel or elsewhere.

Report downloads and exports are available for all silver and gold subscribers.

Exporting trade data updates

If you’re exporting data from Tradervue in CSV format (see original blog post about this), we’ve made a couple of changes to the Trades View export that you’ll want to know about.

Removed columns:

  • Date

Added columns:

  • Open date/time
  • Close date/time
  • Side (e.g. L/S)

These new columns make it possible to do more sophisticated analysis in Excel; for example, if you want to make calculations based on time of day, or trade duration, there is now enough data there to do this.

The export functions are available for all silver and gold subscribers.

Exporting data from Tradervue

It’s now possible to export data out of Tradervue if you’d like to keep a backup of your data, do some calculations in Excel, or whatever else you like! There are new export buttons in several places in the application; here is a screen shot of the Trades View:

If you click the export button, it will generate and download a CSV file that you can import into Excel or elsewhere. You can export from the following parts of the site:

  • The Trades View, as shown above
  • The Journal View
  • An individual trade page, to export executions

Export is available for all silver and gold subscribers.