Selectable base currency

A large number of Tradervue users trade from outside the U.S., trading forex, futures, and U.S. stocks. And since 2013, Tradervue has supported trading products that are denominated in other currencies – for example, futures traded on Eurex, BMF, and Montreal exchanges, and forex.

The P&L from a trade is initially calculated in the transaction currency; for example, a trade in AUD/JPY will have its P&L calculated in JPY. A TWTR stock trade will have P&L in USD, and a trade in FDAX futures will show a P&L in EUR. Examples of this are shown in the article announcing forex support.

These “native” P&L values are shown on the trade detail view, and before today, they were also converted1 to USD for reporting purposes. All of the P&L shown in the Dashboard, Trades View, Journal View, and Reports View was shown in USD.

Beginning today, you can change your base currency from USD to another currency, and all P&L displayed in the Dashboard, Trades View, Journal View, and Reports View will be shown in your selected currency. For example, if you want all of your data and reports to be shown in EUR, you can now do that. Here’s an example of a stock trade in COG (a USD-denominated product), with a base currency set to EUR:

The Trades View will show in EUR:

And the reports as well when running in currency mode (as opposed to ticks or R), including the charts:

And the statistics:

To change your base currency, go to the Dashboard, click Settings, and go to the new System Settings tab:

Choose the currency you want, and click Update. When you do this, all of your trades will change to show their P&L as “pending”:

They will be recalculated in the new base currency, which may take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. During the conversion process, you may see unexpected data in the reports, as not all of the trades have been converted yet. When you no longer see any “pending” trades, the process is complete.

When you change currency, your commissions, fees, and initial risk values also change their currency. However, their values are not converted between currencies – rather, they are interpreted as being in the new currency. If you have a commission of $2.50 in USD, then change to EUR, it will then be 2.50 EUR.

This illustrates a key point – the system is not intended to switch back and forth between currencies often. It’s designed to set the base currency you want to use, and remain there. But now the the base currency no longer needs to be USD.

All users on the silver or gold plan can change their base currency starting today!

  1. The actual currency conversion takes place at the specific times that P&L is realized; refer to the forex article for details. 

Forex now supported!

It’s been a long time in coming, but I’m pleased to announce that Tradervue now supports Forex!

In the trades list, they will look just like other trades:


The P&L shown is the as-converted P&L for the trade in your base currency, which by default is USD. If the currency conversion has not yet been calculated, this will show “pending”.

For trades that are denominated in USD (or your base currency), the trade will look very similar to stock or futures trades:


For trades that transact in different currencies, Tradervue will show data in that currency when viewing the trade, as well as the as-converted P&L in USD (or your base currency):


The closing P&L will be converted as of the times each portion of the P&L is realized. It will be calculated based on the conversion rate at those particular minutes – it will not use an end-of-day conversion.

The execution detail and calculated MFE/MAE stats will remain in the native currency:


The running P&L charts for a trade will be shown in the trade’s native currency:


The running P&L charts for each day, which show all intraday trades, will use as-converted USD P&L (or your base currency) so as to aggregate all of the trades for the day together:


Most of the reports will still report in USD (or your base currency), using the converted P&L results to ensure all of your trades can be aggregated together. In addition, some of the Advanced reports can now report in pips.

We are initially supporting the following brokers and trading platforms for forex trades:

  • Interactive Brokers
  • MetaTrader (MT4)
  • Thinkorswim
  • TradeStation
  • Generic Import Format

This list is constantly updated; refer to the complete broker/platform list for updates.

If you are using another broker or platform for your forex trading, please let us know and we will try to add support for it.

Forex is now available for all silver and gold users. And as always, we have a free trial for new users to give it a try – you will see a message about the trial when you sign up or upgrade if you are eligible!

UPDATED SEP 17, 2013: updated notes about when currency conversions are done, after some recent updates.

UPDATED MAR 23, 2017: updated to reflect that you can now select your base currency, and you are no longer limited to just USD.