Managing option positions

Tradervue has supported options trades for quite some time, and we’ve added support for a number of brokers and platforms that our options traders are using.

Unfortunately, some of these brokers/platforms do not include data about expired options (or sometimes exercised/assigned options) in their export data, which means Tradervue has no way to know the disposition of these options. This was a real problem, and up to now the workaround was to use the Generic Import Format to put together some execution data to reflect the necessary adjustments. Time consuming and error-prone, to say the least.

With the recent addition of the new Execution Editor, we also added a tool for managing open option contracts. To use it, open a trade in Tradervue, and click the “Advanced” link on the right side, just above the execution list.


If your trade has any open options, you’ll see a “Manage options” link. Click that, and you’ll see a summary of your open option contracts:


If you need to adjust any of your option legs due to expiration or any other reason, click “adjust” next to that leg. The execution editor will open, pre-filled with this contract name, and pre-filled with the quantity required to close the leg. You can edit any of the data for the execution, then save it – so to expire an option, you’d enter a price of zero, perhaps edit the date, and save.

This is definitely a much easier way to manage your open option positions!

Options support is available for everyone with a silver or gold subscription.

Options now supported!

Yep, you read that right. Tradervue now supports options! Let’s take a look at how it works.

When you import your trading data that includes options from a supported broker/platform, your trade summary for each trade will reflect the contracts traded:

It gets more interesting when you look at the trade execution details:

Here, we now see the particular symbol traded on each line. For this trade, the underlying symbol for all of the executions is NFLX – however, the instrument varies. Here we had two separate option contracts we were trading, as well as stock. In this particular example, the June 15 trades were opening a position, and the trades on June 17 were the long call contract expiring worthless, and the short call being assigned, resulting in the sale of the NFLX stock we had.

Also note the “position” column reflects the running position for each individual instrument.

Price charts look like this:

Tradervue shows price charts for the underlying (NFLX in this case). Stock buys/sells continue to be plotted as green/red diamonds on the charts; option buys/sells are now plotted as green or red triangles on the price charts, as shown in the chart above. This shows you when you bought the contract, and the price of the underlying at that time.

Options are supported for Thinkorswim, and for the generic import format. We will be adding support for more brokers as we move forward; Thinkorswim was the first, as it was by far the most popular request. If you are trading options with another broker, please get in touch with us if you are willing to share some sample data, and we will try to get it implemented!

Options support is available for all silver and gold subscribers.