New P&L (ticks) columns added

We’ve added two new columns to those available in the Trades View:

  • P&L (ticks) – gross P&L in ticks for futures trades
  • P&L (ticks per contract) – gross P&L per contract in ticks for futures trades

Both of these new columns will always show gross P&L, regardless of the P&L setting.  If you switch to net mode, their column titles will change to emphasize they are still gross.

We’ve also added totals and averages for the Commission and “Commission and Fees” columns, at the bottom of the Trades View.

New tick reporting

For futures traders, we have added the ability for all of the reports to display P&L data in ticks rather than $ (or R). When you visit the reports, you will now see an additional available mode, depending on your subscription.

Silver users will see the new tick mode:


And gold users will see the tick mode, in addition to their gross/net and R options:


Clicking the “T” will switch all P&L values in the reports to be in ticks, rather than $.

A couple of important notes about this:

  • Only futures trades will be shown in tick mode. Other trades will not appear in the reports when in this mode.
  • While each trade may have a different tick size (e.g. ES vs CL trades), the reporting normalizes them to just “ticks”. So if you made 2 ticks in an ES trade, and 5 ticks in a CL trade, the combined P&L for the two trades will be displayed as 7 ticks.

Tick reporting is available today for all futures trades!

New symbol filters

You’ve always been able to filter trades in Tradervue by symbol, among other things. But many futures traders trade multiple contracts, on multiple underlying assets, and need a way to group these together for reporting.

For example, if I have traded ESZ1, ESU2, ESZ2, CLU2, and CLV2, I can filter on any of these specific contracts. But what if I want to see consolidated results for just the three ES contracts? Up to now, tags would be the only solution.

Starting today, you can use wildcards in the symbol filter, in the global filter bar. Specifically:

  • Use * to match any number of characters
  • Use ? to match any one character

So a few examples:

  • ES* would match all ES contracts
  • ES?2 would match all 2012 ES contracts
  • ESZ* would match December ES contracts in all years

Just one more way to slice up your data, and really understand your trading.

Futures now supported

Tradervue now supports futures! This has been one of the most common requests since Tradervue launched…so we’re very pleased to roll this out.

You can already see some ES trades that homehedgie has shared; things work very similarly to how they work for stocks, but with the necessary changes for longer trading hours, P&L calculations, etc.

The specific futures that we support are listed here. If there are other contracts you are trading, just let us know and we can add them to the list for you.

The brokers/platforms we have tested futures support with are:

  • Interactive Brokers
  • Thinkorswim
  • TradeStation
  • NinjaTrader

And we’ve of course added futures support to the popular Generic Import Format.

If your broker isn’t listed here, we either a) don’t support that broker yet, or b) we don’t have sufficient test data to ensure futures will import properly. In either case, please email us and we will do our best to get things updated!