Importing images into Tradervue

We’ve always had the ability to embed images (your marked-up charts, etc.) into your trades and journal notes; however, in the past, you’ve had to upload those images to a third-party site, and then embed them into your trades. It could be a tricky process at times.

So to make that easier, we’ve added the ability to upload images directly to Tradervue, and embed them into your trades, all in one step. All you have to do it drag and drop your image into the notes editor! Here’s a short (0:47) video demonstrating how to do it:

This also solves a number of problems related to controlling access to your images. An image you upload to Tradervue will remain private and be accessible only to you. If you have mentors in Tradervue, they will be able to see the image as well, as you would expect. And if you choose to share a trade with an embedded image, that image will then be made accessible to everyone for as long as the trade is shared.

Uploading images is available today for all silver and gold subscribers.