Automated import for Lightspeed

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve added a completely automated data importer for Lightspeed. This will work for most Lightspeed retail accounts.

So now there are three ways to import your data from Lightspeed:

1. Completely automated – let Tradervue do the work!

2. Bookmarklet – you browse to the correct page on the Lightspeed back-end site, and click the bookmarklet in your browser

3. Copy/paste or file import – you copy/paste data from the Lightspeed back-end site, or import a file that you export from there.

To use the automated importer, just go to the Tradervue Import Trades page as before, choose Lightspeed, and follow the instructions.

For those of you trading with trading firms that clear in another manner, stay tuned – we’ve got another announcement this week just for you!