Market movement reports are now interactive

Following up on the recent changes to allow drill-down into reports data, we have added this same capability to the market movement reports! That means, for example, when you’re looking at the Day Type report:

You can now click on a specific market day type, such as “Trend down”, and analyze only the trades you made on days where the market was in a trend-down day.

For a refresher on how Tradervue defines the different day types, see this post.

Day Type report

Another report added recently to the Detailed Reports tab, available for all users, is the Day Type report. Here’s an example:

This shows your trading performance based on the type of movement in the overall market that day, be it trend day, range day, etc.

For clarification, here are the definitions Tradervue uses for the different day types:

Inside Range day – all trading was within yesterday’s price range

Trend Up day – closes above yesterday’s high, opens in bottom 15% of day’s range, and closes in top 15% of day’s range

Trend Down day – opposite of trend up day

Outside Range day – trades at least partially outside yesterday’s range, but was not a trend day

This report may offer some unexpected insights into your trading!