Renko, Range Bar, and Volume Bar charts

Tradervue has always auto-generated price charts for your trades, on multiple timeframes, with your executions plotted. Now, we have greatly expanded this with three new chart types!

Renko charts – These are price charts where a bar is filled when the price exceeds a specific range, and will usually look like a series of diagonal lines:

In the above example, we’re showing a 25-tick Renko chart for CLX2. The bar size can be specified in either points or ticks. Renko charts are not time based – each bar may represent an arbitrary amount of time.

Range Bar charts – In a range bar chart, each bar represents a specific magnitude of price movement, and all price bars will be the same height. They are not time based. Here’s an example of a 25-tick Range Bar chart for CLX2:

Volume Bar charts – in a Volume Bar chart, each bar represents a fixed amount of volume. They are not time based. In the below example, we’re looking at a 10,000-contract volume bar chart in CLX2:

Executions are plotted on all chart types, and studies are available for all of them as well. To change a chart type to any of the above, or to switch between Candlestick and OHLC, click the gear icon at the top of each chart. You can also change the chart defaults to include these new chart types in your Chart Settings – from the Tradervue Dashboard, click Settings, then go to the Chart Settings tab.

These new charts are all available today – Renko, Range Bar, and Volume Bar charts are available for silver and gold subscribers, and Candlestick and OHLC charts are available (as before) for all users.