Embedding shared trades

It’s now possible to embed a particular trade onto your web site. When you’re viewing a shared trade, you’ll see a new “embed trade” link below the share buttons:


If you click that link, you’ll see a box appear with the text you need to copy into your site:


Here’s an example of an embedded trade in this blog post:


This isn’t just a screenshot – this is live, and if the trade changes, the changes will be reflected wherever the trade is embedded.

If you’re using WordPress (self-hosted), you should install the new plugin for Tradervue. The easiest way is from your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins, click Add New, and search for Tradervue to find it. Once you have the plugin installed, you can just enter the following into a post to embed a trade:

[trade id=421249]

You can always find the ID of the trade by looking in the browser address bar when you’re viewing a trade. For example, for this trade:


The id would be 421249, and so you’d use [trade id=421249].

Shared trade changes

Sharing trades on Tradervue has proven to be quite popular, and more and more traders are sharing some of their trades with the community. As a result of this growing interest, we have made some changes to the way the shared trades pages work.


A – The shared trades pages will no longer show trades that have no notes. We have found that these trades rarely get comments, and are viewed far less than trades where the trader has made notes. So, from now on, trades that are shared with no notes will not show on the main Shared Trades pages, nor on the Tradervue front page. These trades with no notes will still show up on the trader’s personal shared trades page.

B – You can now search for a trader. If you know a trader’s username on Tradervue, enter it and click Search and you can go their personal shared trades page.


C – We have re-worked the page for viewing a particular user’s trades (example). On this personal page, the trader’s username and avatar are now shown in the upper left, so you know you’re viewing trades for just this user.

D – From a trader’s personal shared trades page, you can click “View everyone’s shared trades” to go back to the main Shared Trades page.

E – On the personal shared pages, we now show the top 100 symbols for that user, based on how many trades with those symbols are shared. If you click on one of those symbols, you will then see only trades from that user for that symbol.

All in all, we’ve made it much easier to find users on Tradervue, and to browse through their trades. If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them!

Sharing on StockTwits added

We have added buttons to share your trades directly with StockTwits, in addition to the existing buttons for Facebook and Twitter. And when you’re viewing a trade that someone else has shared, you can now share that on StockTwits as well.

StockTwits has announced that starting on March 1, Twitter posts will no longer be posted to StockTwits…so be sure to use the new buttons if you want to share there!