New tick reporting

For futures traders, we have added the ability for all of the reports to display P&L data in ticks rather than $ (or R). When you visit the reports, you will now see an additional available mode, depending on your subscription.

Silver users will see the new tick mode:


And gold users will see the tick mode, in addition to their gross/net and R options:


Clicking the “T” will switch all P&L values in the reports to be in ticks, rather than $.

A couple of important notes about this:

  • Only futures trades will be shown in tick mode. Other trades will not appear in the reports when in this mode.
  • While each trade may have a different tick size (e.g. ES vs CL trades), the reporting normalizes them to just “ticks”. So if you made 2 ticks in an ES trade, and 5 ticks in a CL trade, the combined P&L for the two trades will be displayed as 7 ticks.

Tick reporting is available today for all futures trades!