Embed videos in trades and improved image support

You can now embed YouTube videos in your trade notes. To do that, just paste in the link to the video, and Tradervue will do the rest!

We have also changed the way we embed images; when you add an image to one of your trades, we will display it to fit within the notes area of the trade. If the image is shown at smaller than its normal size, we will auto-link it to the regular full-size version.

Here’s an example of a shared trade in NQ with both a large image and an embedded video.

New video on interactive reports

We’ve uploaded a video on using the new interactive reports. We walk through the trading for one particular trader, and analyze his trading performance when trading on the market open. In this particular case, we find that on Mondays at the open his performance is much better than other days, and we further look into whether aggressively opening positions (e.g. removing liquidity) is the winning strategy for this trader.

See the 3-minute video here: Using the Interactive Reports

And don’t miss the other videos, including a 6-minute getting started with Tradervue video; you can find them all at Tutorials and Help Videos!