New journal comments

For folks using the mentor/coach features in Tradervue, we’ve always had the ability to leave private comments on trades, only visible to the trader and the mentor(s).

Now, we’ve added the ability to have comments on journal entries as well! When a mentor is viewing a trader’s journal entries, there is a new “Add comment” link (or, if there are already comments, a “View comments” link):


Clicking that link will open the journal entry in its own page, and show a comment editor:


And after entering a new comment, the journal entry’s page will display all of the comments for the entry:


These comments are, of course, only visible to the trader and the mentor(s). Notifications work similarly to trade comments – you’ll get an email if a new comment is left on one of your entries, or an entry you’ve previously commented on, and you can turn off notifications on a per-entry basis.