Auto-import from DAS Trader now available

dasinc2You can now automatically import your trades into Tradervue from DAS Trader!

Up to now, you’ve been able to export trading data from the desktop DAS Trader Pro platform, and import it into Tradervue, but only for the current trading day – so you’d need to make sure you imported every day.

Now, we can connect directly to DAS and retrieve your trading data, with the click of a button. This includes historical data – just give us the date range you’d like to import your trading data for, and click Import, and we’ll do the rest.

To get started, sign into Tradervue, then click here to fill out the request form. Note that we don’t (and will never) ask for your DAS password. After filling out the form, we’ll send you an email within a few business days letting you know it’s been provisioned for you.

Many thanks to the team at DAS for working with us to add this!

Heikin-Ashi charts now available

In addition to Candlestick and OHLC, Range bar, Renko bar, and Volume bar charts, we now offer Heikin-Ashi charts as well. Heikin-Ashi charts are typically used to filter out some of the noise from regular candlestick charts, to better visualize the overall trend.


If you’re not familiar with them, has an article about Heikin-Ashi charts here.

These are available today for all silver and gold users!