All new Journal View

The Journal View in Tradervue has been totally redesigned! In addition to a much nicer layout, there are a number of new features:

  • Your trades are now broken out by day, with statistics shown for each day
  • You can now have notes for a trading day, in addition to the notes you have for individual trades.
  • Each day displays your running P&L for the day (you can also view P&L charts for individual trades as mentioned here)
  • You can add entries with notes for days where you didn’t trade

All in all, a significant rework of the journal view. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Sierra Chart now supported

Tradervue now supports importing trades from the Sierra Chart platform. To import your trade data, go to the Import Trades page, select Sierra Chart from the list, and follow the instructions on the right side of the page.

If you’re using TransAct Futures, Infinity Futures, or any other broker with Sierra Chart, this makes it easy to import your data!

New statistics in reports

In response to a number of suggestions, we’ve added a statistics section to each report type. These stats include:

  • Total gain/loss
  • Average daily gain/loss
  • Largest gain and loss
  • Number of winning and losing trades
  • Average hold time for winning and losing trades

All of these are of course subject to the filter in the global filter bar.

Rather than have a separate tab, these have been integrated into the existing reports. On the General tab, it looks like this:

But on, say, the Compare tab, the stats are shown for each reporting group. So if you want to compare your average winning trade hold time between two groups of trades, you can do so:

And a big thanks to everyone who has been emailing in suggestions to us – please keep them coming!

Show shared trades on your site!

We’ve added a widget so you can display your shared trades (or any shared trades, for that matter) on your own blog or other web site!

Just go to the Shared Trades Widget page, fill in the form, and copy the code to your site. You can show up to 5 trades, in various sizes, and even filter them based on tag or symbol. You can actually filter on more parameters than are shown in the form – email us for details if you’re trying to be very specific with the trades that are shown.

You can see some examples of the widget in action here, here, and even right here on this blog, on the right. Wouldn’t it look nice on your site too?

PropReports now supported

For folks at trading firms who are using PropReports, Tradervue now supports automated importing of your trading data directly from PropReports.

We get quite a few emails from folks at trading firms, asking about how they can import their data. Many end up using the Generic Importer. This works great, and is very flexible…but it’s still some work sometimes to make sure the data is in the right format, depending on their trading platform.

But now, if your firm is using PropReports, you can import your data into Tradervue in seconds! Just go to the Import Trades page, select PropReports, and enter your information.

And many thanks to the good folks at PropReports, who were amazingly fast with the API support for us!