Customize your Dashboard

There is quite a bit of information on the Tradervue Dashboard, and not everyone wants to see all of it, all of the time. So we’ve added the ability to customize the Dashboard; just click the “Customize Dashboard” link at the lower right corner of the Dashboard:


When you click that, you’ll be able to select exactly which information should appear on your Dashboard.

3 thoughts on “Customize your Dashboard

  1. Hopefully this allows you to put the updates front and center for users. There are some changes that were made recently that I see in the blog but would’ve never been aware of unless I went digging for them. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks! And FYI, there is a green box labeled “Broadcast Notice” on the Dashboard – new feature announcements and such are put there. You can click “Close” to dismiss the current broadcast, and it will re-appear next time there is something new.

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