Running positions now shown

Tradervue now shows you your running position when you view a trade’s details. For example, when viewing a trade, my execution list might look like this:

Note the new “Position” column – this shows your current total position, after that execution. This is especially handy for those folks who are trading in and out of a position a lot – you can tell at a glance whether you’re still long or short, and by how much.

Similarly, for shared trades:

In this case, the “Position” column reflects either “long” or “short”. It’s especially useful here; before, it was sometimes difficult to tell when a trader still had a position on, or if they were flat in the middle of a trade. Now, it’s quite clear what’s going on, even if they are scaling in and out of their position. This trade is a good example.

And of course, if the trader is sharing real P&L data, then the actual position size will be shown – here’s an example trade showing this data.