Mentoring enhancements

Many traders have mentors or coaches, and taking advantage of the mentoring features in Tradervue can be a huge help. In a nutshell, they allow a mentor/coach to have a read-only view of a student’s trades, and to have comments and conversations on specific trades and journal entries.

Today, we have made a number of changes to make this even more flexible:

  • Mentors can now choose which columns to display in the Trades View when viewing a mentee’s trades; previously, the columns the mentee was using themselves would be shown to the mentor.
  • Mentors can now switch between gross and net P&L modes when viewing a mentee’s trades; previously, the mentee’s setting would be used.
  • Mentors can now set the Trades View to any display mode (table, small charts, or large charts) when viewing the mentee’s trades. Previously, only the table view was available.
  • Mentors can now download from the mentee’s Trades View into Excel for further analysis, and they can also download executions for a specific trade.
  • The Settings menu in the Trades View will now be visible for mentors viewing a mentee’s trades; any settings that are changed will be saved for the mentor, but will not affect the mentee’s own view of their data.

Together, these changes should make the system more convenient for mentors and mentees alike!